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Timothy Rocque

Timothy Rocque

Chief Operations Officer

Tim Rocque, the Chief Operating Officer at East Valley Wealth & Retirement, brings a unique blend of engineering precision and a heartfelt commitment to client well-being. Before joining our firm, Tim had a distinguished 14-year career as a degreed electrical engineer, designing large power transformers for the U.S. electrical grid. His analytical mind and problem-solving skills were honed through his work on the EHV (Extra High Voltage) Strategy Team, where he led projects that significantly improved transformer design efficiencies and competitiveness in new markets.

Tim's transition to the financial sector was driven by a family connection and a desire to make a broader impact. Tim was profoundly affected by his experience as the executor of his father's estate when his beloved Dad, Michael Rocque, passed away suddenly at an early age. Despite being the youngest of four siblings, Tim was chosen to be the executor, which allowed him to see firsthand the impact of a well-rounded retirement plan. This experience, coupled with his compassion for others, makes him the perfect COO for our firm.

Tim is deeply motivated by the desire to help individuals and families enjoy their hard-earned retirement without financial stress. He understands the profound impact that successful financial planning can have on a family's quality of life and is committed to making this a reality for as many people as possible. As COO, he is dedicated to removing obstacles for his team, ensuring that East Valley Wealth & Retirement can deliver exceptional service to current clients while expanding its reach to help more people secure long-term wealth and enjoy a worry-free retirement.

Tim's personal life is a testament to enduring love and family values. He married his high school sweetheart, Megan, in 2010, and the couple has been inseparable since the ninth grade. Megan teaches elementary school, bringing her own dedication and compassion to her students. Together, they are raising two wonderful daughters, Madelyn and Amelia, who are currently in 7th and 4th grades, respectively. Their family also includes two beloved dogs, Maggie and Mona, an Australian tree frog named Kiwi, and a hamster called Roo. Outside of work, Tim enjoys playing golf, card games, and is a passionate supporter of the Milwaukee Brewers. Tim brings a wealth of character and dedication to East Valley Wealth & Retirement, always striving to make a positive impact both professionally and personally.